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Assalamualaikum & Greetings~ :)

Back in the olden days, Malay girls or young ladies in Malaysia are seldom seen clad in blouse & a pair of slacks. They were more often seen wearing baju kurung or baju kedah and kain batik. That simply symbolizes their decency. 

In this new trending world, modesty & decency is abruptly leaving oneself. From a fully covered attire, people tend to migrate to a cloth-less lifestyle. What causes this phenomena to occur? Why is this way more loved by current society? That is briefly an example to start with.

We can clearly see that this "nature" is not only engulfing the fashion-sense of our people, but it has also affected the behaviour, spoken-language & to anyone's disbelief, the gestures! These unpredicted ways have given a deep impact towards the environment of forgive & forget. With the heavy attitude, harsh words & improper sign-languages can cause a person to be wrecked at heart.

SITUATION : At a mamak restaurant, best friends meet as usual.
Ms.X: Hey friend!!
Ms.Y: Hello!! How are you today?
Ms.X: You are asking me?? I can't even sleep with you bugging me late yesterday night!! No brains?? 
Ms.Y: ~ ~ ~ +_=" (deep inside: why am i being talked to in this manner in public??)

--> Ms.X & Ms.Y could be the best of friends in this whole wide world. But Ms.X might not realize that Ms.Y is probably already having some problems of her own before the conversation. Ms.X's harsh words towards Ms.Y had made Ms.Y felt her best friend that she rely on most no longer loves her as a friend. :'(

If you were to be in Ms.Y's situation, which option is yours?
A. Forgive but will remember what she said for as long as you live.
B. Just forget what she said, but never forgive her doings.
C. Revenge is sweet!!
D. Forgive her and forget what had happened and move on.

Choice A
Normally, people have the tendency to forgive but not to forget. They forgive verbally but they bury the treasure of anger within their heart. They will remember every single word that is uttered towards them and every gesture that is portrayed against them. They will keep deep within their heart, long enough before it becomes a volcanic eruption. At a point when an argument begins, they will start to recall all the negative moments that have occurred all this while. They will start blaming each other for as little as childish stuffs.

Choice B
People with this choice will have the similar attitude as of choice A, but this time around they will try to erase the scene from their mind and at the same time they make an oath not to forgive the person as long as they live. The grudge within oneself can one day turn bad and stale the whole friendship / relationship into one big puddle of mud!

Choice C
As the saying goes "What you give you get back!", people with this choice will somehow seek opportunity to revenge on the other person that had embarrassed them publicly. The slightest mistake of the opponent will create the path for them to be nailed down. They will feel very satisfied with their revenge.

Choice D
Easy-going people often make this option their choice. They have good intention in the friendship / relationship. They would not want a simple mistake to become a huge obstacle in their communication in future. Therefore they'll go with this choice bearing in mind that "Every human makes mistake!". This kind of attitude is not only loved by people around them but also The Creator.


Towards the end-of-the-world era, we as human have to start thinking about real life!! If we are prone towards negative doings, we shall stop and start repenting, as this is now the perfect time to wash away all our sins that have mounted up since puberty. Apart from Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., no one in this world is clean from sins, in other words maksum. So we better gear-up ourselves and start nearing the mosque or musollah. Our steps should also more often meet ways to attend religious talks or discussions.

We no longer have time for pleasure and pointless leisure. These activities can lead us to do lagha things. Therefore, no matter how pious you are or how devilish you are, start cleansing yourself now. No matter what people do to you, revenge is never sweet as the larger revenge shall be in akhirat (after-life). Just forgive the person who hurt you, regardless of how hurtful you felt, for the benefits will take place later.

The more you have the grudge feeling, not having the slightest intention to forgive others, the more you will actually suffer!! Because you will keep thinking of it over and over again regardless of time. It will cause an emotional breakdown and you will just simply collapse then ...

Therefore it's your choice to FORGIVE or FORGET or FORGIVE & FORGET~

MAFIA: We live our life only once. Make useful things out of it. Never let the bad influence come into your way to live a good life. Be happy and smile always. Open your heart to forgive others because Allah will forgive you. Remember: "Every human makes mistakes! A matter of big or small that matters~".

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  1. must forgive & forget sincerely..but only Allah knows the sincerity of human being :)

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